Why We Are The Right Solution For Physicians

Transforming your clinic to an Office Based Lab within 1 hour with our mobile service.

Equipment and Product

Your patients can remain in their trusted place, which is your office during their OBL experience.


What We Offer

Mobile Vascular Solutions is the industries leader in mobile office based vascular labs (OBLs).

As your strategic partner, our knowledgeable team, coupled with our state-of-the-art equipment and expert medical staff, will help you turn your clinic office into a vascular lab when you need it. We direct the details for all of your office base lab needs, including site planning, staffing, equipment, billing support, operational efficiency and profitability. The best part, your patients can remain calm and comfortable in their trusted place, which is your office, knowing they are being cared for by highly trained professionals in the industry.

We look forward to doing great things with you anywhere in the United States.

Physicians Can Enjoy More Revenue, Patients Can Enjoy Comfort and Convenience

Mobile Vascular Solutions formally known as Health 360 was established in 2017 as Arizona’s leading mobile office-based laboratory. Owner and Founder, Rick Matthews wanted to redefine outpatient care and make is easy for Physicians to obtain the OBL perks without having to invest the time, staffing and operational aspects of an office-based laboratory. “I want Physicians to be able to walk into their office and treat their patients, without having to worry about the large investment that goes into building an OBL.”

-Rick Matthews
Owner and Founder