Covid-19 Disclaimer

May 19 th, 2020 the CDC has released a new outline on revised precautions to take while reopening;

  • Our staff and patients will continue to wear masks while in the office
  • Every employee needs to have their temperature checked every day at the start of your shift (team please hold each other accountable)
  • Practicing continued social distancing (6 feet apart) with staff and visitors (when possible)
  • We have made some minor changes in the office to remind everyone to social distance
  • Lunch should be staggered so there is not more than 3 people in the breakroom at once
  • MVS’s door handles should be wiped down at least 6 times a day (as well as all common areas)
  • When you are in the breakroom please make sure to wipe down items that you use (fridge, water dispenser, coffee maker, microwave, etc.)
  • Sales representatives are asked to schedule appointments and to call before coming.
  • We are still screening all staff and visitors with proper questions and we will take their temperature
  • Visitors will still be asked to wear masks for their entire visit
  • Visitors will be staggered 6 feet a part in the waiting room area
  • Any visitor that come to their scheduled appointment earlier than 15 minutes we ask that