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We Help Create Your Successful Vascular Lab

We provide the equipment, certified staff, operational support, product, insurance and accreditations you need in your practice’s mobile office-based lab. Stop sending your patients to hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers. Capture revenue from a mobile on-site vascular lab when you need it.

Who is performing office-based intervention?

  • Vascular Surgeons
  • Interventional Cardiologists
  • Interventional Radiologists

Source. Advisory Board; February 2015

Advantages of an office-based lab

  • Safety- lower morbidity, fewer comorbidities, few to no nosocomial infections
  • Satisfaction- preferred site for patients, doctors and staff.
  • Empowers doctors to be a more direct advocate for the patients care
  • Efficiency- no interruptions in patient flow
  • Focused care- singular focus by staff and docs
  • Cost effective- reduced ancillary testing, no overnight stays
  • Dedication- patient experience and satisfaction.
  • Continuum of Care- seamless encounters with patients from office eval to definitive intervention.

Equipment and Products Brought to your Mobile Office-Base Lab

The OEC 9900 Elite offers superb image quality and an easy-to-use interface, which is ideal for vascular procedures. Trust the 9900 Elite for high quality low dose surgical imaging, in your vascular lab.

Intravascular ultrasound (IVUS) is a catheter-based imaging technology that allows physicians to visualize blood vessels from the inside out. IVUS helps to decide, guide, and confirm the right interventional treatment for each patient.

Mobile Vascular Solutions manages over 350 different sku’s, all the way down to the smallest item needed for your mobile office-based lab.

Mobile Vascular Solutions supplies physicians and their offices with:

• Vascular C-arm
• Vascular C-arm table
• Steel Procedure Table
• Volcano- with Catheters
• Power Injector Med Rad
• Defibrillator/ Crash Cart with Medications
• Peer Review
• Monitors with CO2 for Sedation
• Policy and Procedures
• Emergency Code Blue Policies
• MSDS Manuals
• Radiation Safety Program
• Billing Education and Support
• Liability Insurance for Employees
• All Supplies from Atherectomy Devices to Linens
• Pre-Operative Calls to Patients
• Pre-Operative Chart Review
• Post-Operative Calls to Patients
• Delivery and Pick Up for All OBL Equipment
• All Staffing (2 ACLS RN’s, Xray Technologist, Scrub Tech, Medical Assistant

Physician Responsibility:

• Has or is the Medical Director
• Billing Manager or Coordinator
• Scheduling and Pre-Authorizations
• Medications for Sedation kept on site
• 15×15 Procedure Room
• At least 1 Recovery Room

How can we help your practice?

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“My mind was put at ease knowing that I would be in my doctors office during my procedure. It was nice knowing that I did have to drive further out to go to a hospital for my outpatient procedure.”

Michael S.
Patient, Phoenix

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