Provider Testimonials

Patient Testimonials

“My mind was put at ease knowing that I would be in my doctors office during my procedure. It was nice knowing that I didn’t have to drive further out to go to a hospital for my outpatient procedure.”

Michael S.
Patient, Phoenix

“The staff made me feel important and it was a plus that I had my procedure done in the comfort of my own office that I am typically seeing my doctor at for my appointments. It was familiar and I liked that aspect.”

Sylvia R.
Patient, Scottsdale, AZ

The whole process with Mobile Vascular Solutions was easy, systematic, and easy to plug into.

Dr. Malhotra
Provider, Scottsdale

My patients love my OBL becuase they are able to go home after recovery. It doesn’t feel like they are going to a big hospital.

Dr. Yelamanchilli
Provider, Mesa

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